We imagine, model, pigment aerial sculptures. At the approach of the audience, our world come to life and the puppets take off, twirl around.
The urban area and it’s aerial space are a huge stage.
Among, around or over the audience, Plasticiens Volants let their imagination flutter. We manipulate their surprising flying fictions to bring our dreams within reach, our eyes wide open. Forty years ago, our passion for aerial shows was born. Since, we conceive tales, concepts or events featured all around the world... in their starry skies. Through research and experience, we continually sharpened our ability to create flying inflatable giants. The 3D progressive aesthetics took shape. The inflatables, Plasiciens Volants’s specific actors, invite people of all ages, to travel through a poetic view, with a tactile horizon.








Tel: +33 (0)5 63 34 20 98

Contact production & distribution:

Frédérique Dewynter

Tél. +33 (0)6 07 25 96 81

Usine de L'Émancipation

267, route de Busque

81300 Graulhet


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