This new creation is inspired of fabulous BD of Winsor McCay. In search of the legendary world of dream, Little Nemo explores unknown lands in troubling and increasingly threatening forms where nothing seems that is appears at first glance...

Mobile or Fixed show for several thousand persons

Photo : Jean-Luc Fauquier


This creation tells the by the history of the universe from the man to the big bang, poetically.

Fixed show for several thousand people according to the place

Photo : Jean-Pierre Estournet



A big show inspired by the eternal link between the man and the Moon. Our hero falls in love with the moon. He must use his ingenuity to join her. In the sky, he will cross strange constellations, curious fishes escaped from the zodiac...

Fixed show for 10.000 persons

Photo : Jean-Pierre Estournet


Imagine yourself as a diver, immersed in an extraordinary aquarium on your city scale!
A very little pearl escapes from its case and leaves to discover the underwater world...

Mobile show for 4.000 persons

Photo : Yannick Perrin


After a long and dangerous journey throughout the world... We offer to make a detour to your part of the world with our fabulous menagerie.

Mobile show for 2.000 persons

Photo : Yannick Perrin

photo bab


A fantastic journey inspired by the universe of 7 wonders of Mediterranean world.

Mobile show for 3.000 persons

Photo : Jean-Pierre Estournet


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