1. BOOK : " DE NOS RÊVES OCCUPONS LE CIEL " What a long way since the first flights of ballooning, in the 70s! Today, Plasticiens Volants is one of the street theater company better known and most sought in the world.« De nos rêves occupons le ciel » tells the story of this unusual team who has always gather skills to the wildest ideas become reality. The central text, chronologic, is framed by interviews of artists who have collaborated to varying degrees to the creative process. The techniques used to design and implement large inflatables are explained and abundantly illustrated, while the tour notebooks and various testimonies show the collective spirit of the compagny which has been distinguished in the Olympic Games of Barcelona and Sydney as well as at Nice Carnival and the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal...
    Playful and surprising, the book-object «De nos rêves occupons le ciel» has specific pages: pop-up, 3D’s object, panoramic image, music CD, animated pages...


    The author, the journalist Floriane Gaber, has followed several years the evolution of the Plasticiens Volants company. She has recently published «Quarante ans de théâtre de rue» and «Comment ça commença - Les arts de la rue dans le contexte des années 70», published Ici et là.

    Price: 39 € (138 pages - size 30 x 30 cm - Odyssée published)

  2. CD music of the performances / Price: 10 €


Consult the interactive book " De nos rêves occupons le ciel " (interactive right-hand side or turn pages with the cursor)

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Book, De nos rêves occupons le ciel
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- Two years afler the show BIG BANG
, Plasticiens Volants decides to attack a new adventure : the "first" comic strip, with Little Nemo in Slumberland of Winsor Mc Cay, published between 1905 and 1914 ine the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUTE.

- Mixing woodworking machinery and flying inflatables, Da Vinci, VOLARE ! is the next FIXED performance, from 20 to 25 minutes which can be played several time in the same day...

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New inflatables construcions HIPPOGUANODON, FLIP-RASPBERRY, 3 RASPBERRIES, FLYING BED.. creation 2014-2015 Little Nemo in Slumberland / BULB, BOUTEILLE, FLYING WORKER, CAGOLE, CHINIOKS, PUPPIES, ZEPPELIN, TRUCK for the Inauguration of a Coca Cola factory in Chile (2012) video / DRAGON PATACAS and SQUADRON PATACAS Parade Lille 3000 (2012) / LEAGUE CUP and FEET FOOTBALEURS for the Opening of the Finale of League Cup in the stadium of France (2012) / MAFALDA and CARROUSEL for Installation at the Paris Book Fair, Pte de Versailles & Inauguration in Museum of the humor in Argentina (2012) / CONDORITO and bearing ballon chritmas for Paris Parade in Chile (2011) / PULPITO new octopus for the performance PEARL (2012)




Music : Philippe Bonnet